Edinburgh view from top of Scott Monument
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Edinburgh Fringe Festival: A mini guide

Edinburgh Fringe Festival (The Fringe)

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is known as the world’s largest art festival which takes place in Edinburgh every August. During the festival, every corner of the city is bursting with creativity. Performances that cover a wide variety of genre happens simultaneously indoors and on the streets including: opera, cabaret, musicals, exhibition, circus, spoken word, theatre and some that doesn’t fit in any of these category. The largest section is comedy.

Interested in the history?

The Fringe story dates back to 1947, when eight theatre groups turned up uninvited to perform at the (then newly formed) Edinburgh International Festival, an initiative created to celebrate and enrich European cultural life in the wake of the Second World War.

Read more: The Fringe Story

What to expect?


Do plan your accommodation early as it gets more expensive near August. From the venue map below, you can see that all the events are densely located around Edinburgh Old Town and Southside. If you want be in the happening area – which is practically footsteps away from any performances, book your accommodation early.

If you can’t decide early, worry not! Edinburgh is a walk-able city and the transportation is very convenient. You can still get an accommodation slightly away from the event’s vicinity for a better price.

See Edinburgh Venue Map


Tickets usually range from Free to £30 or more for famous names. You can buy them using any of the following method:

  • Edinburgh Fringe Official Website: One of the easiest way is to buy it online. You can also look for Free or 2For1 Discounts by using the ‘special pricing’ filters.
  • Half Price Hut located at The Mound, Precinct offers discounted tickets for performances happening on that day and following morning only.
  • The Fringe Box Office: Is the main box office, located on The Royal Mile (180 High Street). General information about the festival and and Fringe souvenirs are available here. As well as purchasing and collecting tickets.
  • The Fringe App: Apple or Android This is really really handy!

Picking up tickets is simple, just visit the Fringe Box Office or one of over 30 collection points across the city. Remember to bring the payment card used for the booking or a copy of your booking confirmation.

Tip: Occasionally, some paid shows becomes free to attract audience if they are feeling generous or if their tickets are not sold out during that particular performing time-frame.


There are more than 55,000 performances throughout the 25-day festival. Not all of them run for the whole festival. For example, some performances are not available on weekends while some perform only in the afternoon. So if you are interested in a particular show/performance, be sure to do some research, check the timetable as well as the location and plan accordingly.

On the other hand, you can also Be Spontaneous. Take a chance. Flyers will be handed out to you like crazy. You’ll have a handful of performance to choose from.

Note: Respect the environment, if you do have a stack of unwanted flyers, do bin/recycle them properly instead of littering. 🙂

If it is your first time with no clue where to start, have a look at some of the award wining shows.

Tip: If you have a ticket to a show with unreserved seating, be sure to get in the queue early to ensure good seats! 🙂

Edinburgh’s Attraction

Scott Monument

If you have spare time between shows, check out some of Edinburgh’s attraction too. I went to the Scott Monument, climbed 221 spiraling stairs and made it to the top! You have to be part of the guided tour to go to the top.

Did you know the Scott Monument wasn’t black initially?

Child ( age 5-15 )
Child ( Under age 5 ) FREE
Family (2 adult+2 children or 1 adult & 3 children) 20£

For more details: Visit the official Scott Monument website

Scott monument
Top view from Scott monument, if you manage to reach the top

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