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Top 5 Things to enjoyed in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand. First impression? Beautiful island, beaches, Thai food, Thai massages, as well as transgender, prostitutes, crazy night life…

I’ve been to Bangkok with my mom at a very young age, probably even too young to remember any details. Recently, we decided to relive those memories by visiting Bangkok again.

It was more of a luxurious and schedule-free trip, no crazy night parties or trying out exotic food, you can skip reading because you won’t find any of these below.

Back to the luxurious part, so in summary, business class return flight with Malaysia Airlines – my very first time on throughout my life, a free upgraded room in a 5 star hotel, room service and spa. (Not a paid post btw) And as for leisure, we didn’t really visit any attractions come to think of it – mostly shopping. Yet, this city still has a lot to offer.

Here are the top 5 things to if you ever visit Thailand:

#1 Thai Food

If you are a foodie, you are probably already in love with Thai food – they are generally spicy and tangy. Not only that, they have the best seafood and street food! Here are a few must-try dishes:

  1. Tom Yum Koong – tangy sour and spicy soup.
  2. Pad thai
  3. Mango rice pudding
  4. And any street food
2018-06-09 10.40.45 2.jpg
We ordered room service – Tom yum Koong, Pad Thai and Deep fried spring rolls

#2 Thai massages or any type of massages

One of the many experience any tourist visiting Bangkok is to have a massage. Not necessarily a Thai massage per say, but at the very least a foot massage is a must. It is relatively cheap compared to anywhere around the world. A pretty decent one could cost you 300 baht per hour.

2018-06-11 08.52.20 1.jpg
RarinJinda Wellness Spa in Grand Centre Point Ploenchit Hotel – Fabulous treatment
2018-06-11 08.52.19 1.jpg
Fruits and tea are served after spa treatment

#3 Tuk-Tuk

One interesting means of getting around in Bangkok is by Tuk-tuk. It is a small three wheeled motor vehicle, like a rickshaw with an engine. Tuk-tuks can go through narrow area swiftly and easily. By the way, there’s no seat belt for you to buckle up. Brace yourself, you are up for a ride!

Absolutely stunned by the politeness of the drivers in Bangkok, despite the heavy amount of traffic, you will rarely hear a single honk.

Tuk-Tuk ride

#4 Motorcycle taxi

Not travelling in a big group? Not-so-far destination but lazy to walk in the heat? Just hop on one of the motorcycle taxi and weave through traffic easily. I find this was one of the most exciting experience, probably because I haven’t ridden a bike like for ages. They have orange vests and generally cost about 20 – 40 baht for a short distance. Hold tight if you are not used to riding a bike.

Motorcycle taxis have orange plates and the driver wears orange vests

#5 Haggling

Bangkok, also known for being a shopping district. You can haggle to get a better price when shopping in markets. For example, you can even haggle for a better price when riding tuk-tuk because the price is based on the driver. Haggling can be fun and you can get a realistically low price once you get the hang of it. Give it a go.

2018-06-11 08.52.22 1.jpg
Old lady selling birds near Erawan shrine, it is a custom to buy and set them free.

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