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My Game of Thrones Live Experience

As a Game of Thrones fan, the Game of Thrones Live Experience is a must! I was absolutely thrilled that Dublin was announced as one of the nights of the Europe tour.

Warning: Please do not read not read on if you have not seen the concert. I do not want to spoil the experience.

Lights off. Crowd noises in the hall started to fade away. A familiar voice warned, “Peasants, please follow the rules or you shall be bath in your children’s blood”. It was Cercie Lannister. Some nervous laughs from the crowd…

“Dan dan… dan dan dan dan… dan dan dan dan…” The familiar main title from Game of Thrones music started. The only difference is – there’s a whole orchestra, vocalist, choir along with special effects live right before my eyes (and ears).

I was brought back to the very beginning of the first season where Robert Baratheon just arrived in Winterfell. This brought back my early assumption at the time when I had started watching G.O.T many years back – that it was very WRONG to think that it’s a series about Ned Stark. Thanks George R.R Martin.

It was a very immersive experience with the whole stage presentations as we follow them from season to season. Each character and scene was brought back to life. The whole choir had robes on just like the followers of High Sparrow.

Just moments after the opening, the solo violinist (Molly Rogers) ascended high up while red rose petals started falling slowly. The whole presentation felt likethe Weirwood of Winterfell. And of course, there was an amazing vocalist (Stevvi Alexander) who made the night memorable for me when she sang “The Rains of Castemere”. Apart from that, one of the most unique instrument was played by (Pedro Eustache) – woodwind and numerous unique wind instruments. One solo, he played a very long type of horn of some sort which flings around – a wilding horn 🙂

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The entire experience was out of this world, even countdown timer during the break after the first half of the concert was in High Valyrian language! Gather all the Game Of Thrones fan in a hall, and you can definitely feel the passion and intensity from the audience. The ending of each arrangements was followed by thunderous claps and cheers from the audience.

The climatic moments were just like the series including Red Wedding, Battle of the Blackwater, Spoils of war, Battle of the Bastards… The feeling was as if we all G.O.T fans were put together to enjoy a nice recap with amazing live soundtrack with visual effects. Whenever there’s a dragon fire breathing scene, the flame throwers starts pumping fires!

The Red Wedding scene brought back the hatred towards House Frey, and moments later as the arrangements progress, a lone wolf takes down the whole House Frey. “Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe. When people ask you what happened here, tell them the North remembers. Tell them winter came for House Frey.” – Arya Stark. The audience went wild.

Towards the end, there was the most amazing piece – Winter is Here. White confetti started falling slowly with the matching cinematic scene as the long awaited winter is finally arriving in Westeros. And the saddest scene of all was of course the most memorable and lovable character – Hodor as he hold on to the door, living up to his name! As the ending piece, we all know The Army of the Dead is marching slowly and steadily towards the south. Climatic ending with the biggest cliffhanger as Night King tears down the wall…

Finally, Ramin and his entire talented team received a prolonged standing ovation as they did their final bow. Ramin asked us to “sing along” and gave an encore of the Main Title… 🙂 In the end, the screen started showing each and every character who died in the series, it’ll take a while… 🙂

It was truly truly an amazing and memorable experience. Thank you Ramin Djawadi and all the talented musicians, choir and soloist for this tour! And of course, the mastermind  of all George R.R Martin! Can’t wait for the season finale !!

Update: Season finale’s story line was a slight disappointment. 🙁

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