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Cliffs of Moher and Connemara Road Trip

Day 1

Emerald Isle, a beautiful nickname for Ireland because of it’s lush green country side.

I have lived in Dublin for almost 3 years, and yet didn’t get a chance to visit it’s beautiful country side. For the first time, I am able to witness it’s beauty on a road trip during the Easter Bank holiday. It was a 4 day trip – totally worth it! This is my simple itinerary:

Day 1 – Cliffs of Moher (1 night at Spanish Point)
Day 2 – Aran Island (2 nights in Connemarra)
Day 3 – Connemarra
Day 4 – Back to Dublin

As a group of 4, our first stop was Cliffs of Moher and stayed at Spanish Point. The journey took about 3.5 hours as we depart at 10:30am from Dublin city center. We were blessed with sunny days on the first 2 days of our trip.

If you tend to get hungry, bring some nice light snacks on a road trip. Such as berries or grapes. It’s tasty and healthy!

Prices for Cliffs of Moher are as follows (March 2018) :

  • Adult: €6.00
  • Children (16 years old below): Free
  • Senior/Students/Disabled: €4.50
Cliffs of Moher on a sunny day
On a clear day, this is the beauty!

The main activity we did here was walking, lots of walking. I think we did almost 10km walk, spending half a day there just walking along the cliff and enjoyed the view. We had lunch at the restaurant there and continue walking.

It can get really windy there. Make sure to wear a windcheater or wrap up 🙂

After all the walking, it was evening time when we reached the car park. 30 minutes drive away was our first hotel – Bellbridge House Hotel. The hotel is located near the sea with its classy interior decor. Our bedroom was quite big with tubs in our bathroom.

Day 2

The main highlight of Day 2 was to visit the Aran Islands. My friend wanted to visit the largest island, but we missed the ferry. So we went to Inisheer instead. We took the Doolin Ferries which takes around 30 mins to reach the island. We went out around 11:00am and the return ferry is scheduled to be back on 4:45pm.

Map of Aran Islands – Taken from DoolinFeeries

Time is essence. Check the ferry timetable.

The main activity there was cycling. You can easily get around the island on a bike.

Map of Inisheer, one of the Aran Islands.
Map of Inisheer – Taken from Innisheer Bike Hire
Memorial Stone in Innisheer
This is attraction no.16 from the map above

We had our lunch at Hotel Inis Oirr Let me say this, it was one of the best fish and chips I had in a while.

Fish and Chips

We went on cycling around a little bit as the light rain pours down. One last attraction that we visited before heading to the docks and board our return ferry.

Ship wreck attraction

The cycle route wasn’t hard and we manage to finish it within 3 hour. We all took a nap on the ferry as we were all quite exhausted. Next stop,  Oughterard.

We took off from docks and head right to our next stay which is approx. half an hour drive away. Let me tell you, it was one of the most beautiful sunset that I’ve ever seen!

Day 2 – Evening

We stayed at Corrib Wave Guesthouse and we had arrive right after a tiring day to this view! It was cloudy yet it was bright enough! This guest house is owned by a lovely couple which converted their own home into a guest house. If not mistaken, you can also rent a boat out to the waters. This place will get really lively during summer(if not mistaken) when it’s fishing season! We didn’t not go out to the waters because it was low tide and none of us knew how to operate a boat.

Lake in front of the guesthouse
No filter! It was a beautiful sunset and definitely an insta-worthy shot

Day 3

Day 3 was quiet because we are staying indoors most of the day playing card games and basically our holiday.

Personally, I would totally recommend this place for a getaway 🙂

The bedroom are nice and spacious. The house has a very lovely front porch. The traditional Irish breakfast served in the morning was a great way to start the day!

Bed room with lake view in Corrib Wave Guesthouse
Bed room with lake view in Corrib Wave Guesthouse
Full Irish breakfast at Corrib Wave Guesthouse
Full Irish breakfast at Corrib Wave Guesthouse
Fireplace at Corrib Wave Guesthouse
Enjoying the warm fireplace

Day 4

Nothing much to say here because the weekend is over. So basically checked out and drove back to Dublin. That’s a wrap !

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