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Staying motivated and achieving goals

Hi there, it’s March of 2018. Yes, you heard me right.

We are going into the third month of 2018. Now, can you recall your not-so-recent memory partying at the countdown party at 31st December 2017?

Maybe not everyone is a party person. But do you remember taking out a brand new 2018 journal and started writing down your “2018 Goals” , “Lose x amount of weight”, “Exercise in the gym” “Learn this new language” etc.

And yes, many goes to the first week or two in the gym. But what happens after? People start giving themselves excuses. “I’ll do it later”, “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I’ll start later”. Does any of these sound familiar? Be honest, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are you still following your goals?
  2. How many times have you take action?

If your answer is yes, then congratulations and give yourself a pat on the back, and KEEP IT UP! Or else, I may have a few simple tips to share with you.

Tip #1: Write it down, break it down

I’m totally sure you have heard of this one. Write it down, break it down. This may sound silly but this is actually the very first step of taking an action of a thought.

Why? Because it takes effort. Take out your favorite book and a pen. Write that goal down. This will the first tangible, physical form of your goal so that you can see it.

If it’s a very ambitions goal, break it down into smaller chunks. This is entirely based on your capability.

Tip #1: Write your goals down

Tip #2: Plan it out, keep it simple

Now that you know what you strive to achieve. The next step is to figure out how you are going to achieve it. It doesn’t matter if your goal is a simple or complicated one, you should do it regardless. Because it matters.

Want to run a 5km? Research on how you can achieve it by not injuring yourself on the very first day. Want to learn how to bake? Look up simple baking recipes which requires only a few ingredients yet delicious!

 You should keep it simple and achievable, especially in the very beginning. Keep in mind that you should plan everything accordingly based on your own limitation and schedule. Nobody knows yourself better than you.


Tip #3: Take action, don’t lose the hype

You’ve written and plan your goal. What’s next?

Take action and don’t lose the HYPE. Remember how you feel when you started researching on how you would do this and do that in order to achieve the goal? It’s called a hype – in urban dictionary.

Hype – a feeling of excitement over something.

You’ve already plan it out, so now you know how you should execute it. Take action and the most important thing is to keep a record of it. It helps maintain the hype. This hype helps fuel your motivation to keep it up.

Wanted to run the 5km right? You barely can do a 1km at the moment. Still great! That means you are already achieving 5% of what you have set. Take a picture. Store it, print it, whatever means, keep a record of it. It’s a physical evidence of you striving to achieve your goals and MAKING PROGRESS.

That sense of achievement is something money can’t buy. I call this hype or excitement. When you are able to achieve even a little bit of what you did, keep it up. Change your mindset and think long term. A little step is also a step.

Tip #4: Keep it up. Be consistent.

People want results right away. But unfortunately, that might not be the case for many many things. There’s a reason for setting a goal. Because you can’t do it – YET. You will be able to in time.

Just keep it up. Give yourself some breathing space. There’s a saying “Rest to go further”. If you give yourself excuses, promise yourself that it is not an excuse. You will schedule and take action right after your little break.

I made a little gif of 2017 going into 2018. In the end, it’s just another day for you to make progress. Keeping it up and you will have another goal crossed off by the end of 2018.

Good luck all! Thank you for reading <3

Be consistent.

2017 to 2018 – by MichelleTPY

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